Port Hope ON-OLD

Northumberland County





Average Age


Destination from

Toronto 109 km

What Makes PORT HOPE Special

The Best-Preserved 19th-Century Streetscape

Waddell Block (1845), Walton Street Heritage District

With over 270 heritage-designated buildings throughout the municipality, Port Hope has a higher per capita rate of preservation than any other town or city in Canada.

Gillett Paterson Block (1845), Walton Street Heritage District

Things to Do in PORT HOPE

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Humans of Small Towns: PORT HOPE

The Small Town in Me: PORT HOPE

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There is a small town in each and everyone of us. Even if we have never lived in a small town, or traveled through one, we have been touched by the memories, experience and humour of a friend or a relative who has grown up in such a community. Many of our own ancestors came to our country from small towns across the globe. <...>













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