We don't believe in travel guides.
We empower people to share unique travel ideas.
Because the best memories are found off the beaten path.

1000 towns: Hidden Gems starts to build an interactive map of Canada including best places to visit, enjoy local attractions, and take selfies.

We want to attract travellers to small communitites by introducing them to thousand of interesting places hidden there.

That is why we want to ask you to share what makes your town special.

Moreover, you can help build the 1000 Towns website and play an intriguing game. You have the opportunity to register the place you share and start to earn “Hidden Gems Money”.

Three Easy Steps
1.  Register Your Favourite Place

Something in your community that you are truly passionate about, big or small

2.  Earn Money as the Keeper

Every time somebody visits your place and leave 'selfies' or 'stories' that you verify

3.  Earn Money as the Traveller

Travel to other reserved places to earn additional money

Registered since November 5: Eleven New Places
1. The Best-Preserved 19th-Century Streetscape Port Hope Ontario Blair
2. Museum of Marie Dressler, Hollywood’s Star Cobourg Ontario Nancy
3. Chippawa Battlefield Park Kingsley Falls Quebec Eric
4. Parc Marie-Victorin Chippawa Ontario Pict
5. Fire and Ice Festival Bracebridge Ontario Leesa
6. Oasis of the Prairies Shaunavon, Saskatchewan Hayley
7. “First to see the sun” Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador John
8. “The Main Street of the South Shore” Bridgewater, Nova Scotia Don
9. Sculpture of Pierre Berton, CBC journalist Whitehorse, Yukon Peter
10. Backus-Page House Museum Wallacetown, Ontario Angela
11. Alton Mill Arts Centre Caledon, Ontario Jordan & Jeremy Grant

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