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TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL | Top 10,000 Places to Visit in Canada

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Top 5 Places to Visit in

The Pas | Manitoba

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The page created by Kiran Boparai | Terrence Kehler | Derik Cook | Chelsea McKay | Avneet Kaur | Red River College | Photo of The Pas 1920s by

Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival

Midst of Winter

The events and activities of the Trappers’ Festival have continued since 1916, making this Manitoba’s oldest festival and one of Canada’s oldest winter festivals.

The Trappers’ Festival, held in The Pas in the midst of winter, is an event of interest and enjoyment for many people.

The intent of the Festival is to celebrate the heritage and culture of the northern pioneer and to preserve many of the skills and entertainments inherent to them by basing the celebrations and competitions on those activities.

Photo: Bobak Ha’Eri, Wikimedia Commons

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Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

Long white beaches to stroll, forests of conifers and wildflowers to scout.

The park was designed by the government of Manitoba in 1963 and is 593 square kilometres in the area.

Clearwater Lake Provincial Park has waters as transparent as glass and offers swimmers views of the bottom from approximately 35 feet. This park has vast, huge and incredibly stunning having crystal clear water.

Photo: Travel Manitoba

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Sam Waller Museum

The museum is located in the old courthouse in the downtown of The Pas known as “The Gateway to the North”.

Enter and experience the rich and diverse history of The Pas and marvel at the strange and eclectic curiosities collected by our founder, Mr. Sam Waller. There is an extensive collection of taxidermy, traditional dresses and dressed-up tiny creatures.

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Lost in the Barrens

In Canada and elsewhere, Farley Mowat’s Lost in the Barrens is used as part of school reading. The book was published in 1956.

This children/young adults novel is set in The Pas. The Pas is the main trading centre to which the book’s protagonists travel to stock up on provisions and supplies to take back to their homes in the bush.

Read more about Farley Mowat
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Rocky Lake Resort

This resort is located in Northern Manitoba’s wild and beautiful region.

It offers customers various amenities and access to several nearby lakes and attractions. It is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

There are many species of the fishes caught on the Rocky lake are Northern Pike, Walleye, Small-Mouthed Bass, Tulibe, White fish and Perch.


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Top 5 Places to Visit in

The Pas | Manitoba

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