Jody Raffoul | Rock Singer

From: Leamington, Ontario

Jody Raffoul is a rock singer and songwriter.

Jody Raffoul is from a small town in Southern Ontario. He lives and works in the Detroit–Windsor metro area.

Leamington-born Raffoul comes from working-class Lebanese stock.

“They expressed their joy and pain in music. Music was their medicine.”

Jody Raffoul

He released his first collection, Simple Life, in 2000.

For his next work, Raffoul assembled a full band, and recorded the 2004 release, Like a Star.

In 2006 he won the Bon Jovi “Have a Nice Gig” competition, which led to an opening slot at Giants Stadium in New Jersey for the aforementioned Bon Jovi (and his band, obviously). Raffoul beat out over 17,500 bands nationwide. Jody’s career jumped leaps in this year.

Jody Raffoul opening for BON JOVI and Nickelback live | Giants Stadium E.Rutheford, New Jersey | July 18, 2006


Jody Raffoul performs over 200 shows a year.

22-year-old “low-timbered rock and roll” singer Billy Raffoul is a Jody’s son. Billy’s hometown is Leamington ON too.

John Moran chats to Jody Raffoul, Wes Buckley and Billy Raffoul about their Martin acoustic guitars | 2017



The Municipality of Leamington is located along the north shore of Lake Erie in sunny southern Ontario.

Leamington Harbor | 2013 | By Mike Schrage


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