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Top 9 Poutine Places in Canada

#1000towns choice
Amina Rizwan


With poutine being a common dish at both upscale eateries and fast-food chains, it was unheard of in the middle of the 20th century.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, the dish with fresh-cut fries, cheese curds and gravy was introduced around the 1950s in some Quebec snack bars. And as time passed, we began to see this delicious dish become more popular. Even though the exact origins of poutine are hotly contested, the meal often evolved over time.

#1000towns will tell you about the 10 best poutine places in Canada to get an amazing experience!

Photo: Mack Male from Edmonton, AB, Canada – Route 99 Poutine, CC BY-SA 2.0



Patati Patata

Mount Royal, Montreal, QC

Coming in first place, we have Patati Patata in Montreal, Quebec. Unlike other poutine places, Patati Patata makes its traditional poutine with something called skinny fries which is just really thinly cut fries. The skinny cut fries make it among the Plateau’s tastiest treat. It also offers excellent people-watching in the centre of its heart.

On the junction of Saint-Laurent Boulevard and Rachel Street, right in the middle of the excitement, there is a French fry snack bar that serves some of the Plateau’s best poutine and offers excellent experiences allowing you to see the town at its natural state with its people. For individuals who require a quick snack while travelling, the teeny corner snack bar is ideal. The traditional poutine uses skinny fries and is covered with cheese curds and veggie gravy. Mushrooms, red peppers, and onions are included in the “Patatine.”




The Whistle Stop Café 

Peterborough, Ontario

Coming in second place, we have The Whistle Shop Cafe located in Peterborough, Ontario. The Whistle Stop Cafe is renowned for its award-winning butter tarts in addition to its range of over 100 delectable and distinctive poutines. The Whistle Stop Cafe, a favourite hangout for Peterborough locals for breakfast and late-night poutine, is constantly bustling with activity as customers savour one of the many excellent dishes on the menu.

Trent University and Whistle Stop Cafe recently teamed to make it possible for students to pay for food at the cafe using funds on their student cards. Giving consumers of Whistle Stop Cafe more options for how to order great and popular food with much-needed flexibility!  From Taku’s Big Booty Chicken poutine to their well-known jerked pork. Everyone can find poutine at the Whistle Shop.




Willy’s Fresh Cut

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Up next on the list, we have Willy’s Fresh Cut located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Willy’s is known for its excellent poutine, hand-cut fries, and homemade hamburgers. This great restaurant is operating till late at night and is pretty famous for it.

Since 2008, Willy’s has been entirely run and owned locally. Their local supplier of ground beef, steak and pork is Oultons Farms, which is about 45 minutes away from Halifax. Don’t be surprised if the music is a little loud because the staff enjoys themselves and is just trying to keep the party going as you return home from a night out with friends. This place is great if you love to party and enjoy having company!




Big Red’s Poutine

Maple Ridge, British Columbia

On number four, Big Red’s Poutine is located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. This restaurant is renowned for its mouth-watering inventive poutine combinations created with fresh hand-cut fries and real cheese curds.

They have some of the most famously delicious poutines, such the fried chicken, bacon, or Montreal smoked meat poutine. Along with getting a tasty meal, you can watch them cut your fries in front of you and have real and freshly made homemade gravy, which is always a nice plus point! Their food truck has travelled thousands of kilometres just to give people the best poutine they can get!




514 Poutine 

Canmore, Alberta

Up next to fifth place, we have 514 Poutine located in Canmore Alberta! Serving authentic Montreal / Quebec comfort food, this place has over 10 different amazing poutine flavours. After seeing Canmore Cave Tours, if you’re still hungry, head over to this restaurant to eat. At 514 Poutine, all of the customers appreciate the fantastic Canadian cuisine. The majority of tourists suggest eating delicious chicken poutine, Montreal smoked meat and meat sandwiches.

You can choose from inside or outdoor sitting. The quick service is important to these restaurant owners. You may have delicious meals here for reasonable pricing. Here, guests can unwind thanks to the elegant decor and fun atmosphere.

Some other popular flavours are:

  • Traditional, which is hand-cut Fries, Vegetarian Gravy and Fresh Cheese Curds
  • All Dressed, with Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Green Peppers
  • Supreme, with Sautéed Onions, Mushrooms, Bacon and Chicken
  • Deluxe with Sautéed Onions, Mushroom, Bacon and Smoked Meat
  • Extreme, with Ground Beef, Sautéed Onions, Mushrooms and Green Pepper.




Okanagan Street Food

Kelowna, British Columbia

Up next, we have Okanagan Street Food located in Kelowna, BC. Known as Kelowna’s best little secret for breakfast & lunch, their mission is to source quality ingredients. To always cook with our heart & soul.

Housemade is always best, and beyond anything else, Make it Nice! Their fresh-cut fries, cheddar curds, and hot homemade gravy attract people from all over town for a bite. It is elevated comfort food and poutine like you’ve never had on this side of Canada!




Kenzingtons Burger Bar

Barrie, Ontario

At number seven comes Kenzingtons Burger Bar, located in Barrie, Ontario.

For all the burger and poutine enthusiasts, The KBB serves the best food in town! They have been making some of the most unique and delicious burgers and poutine on this side of Toronto for the past five years.

Whether you’re there for the live music or just the finest burger you’ve ever had, KBB has everything planned out to gratify your most secluded cravings! Their appetizing menu includes their renowned burgers, poutine, specialty meals, and delectable appetizers.




Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips 

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

On number 8, we have Ches’s Famous Fish and Chips located in St. John’s, NL. 

In 1951, a couple opened up a small fish and chips shop in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Ches’ family grew over time, and the company did too. Today, Ches’s has five locations with some of the most popular fish and chips and poutine in Newfoundland and is still a family-run company. But the principles Ches lived by as a young man always resided at the heart of this enterprise: Treat your employees like family; consider your clients as friends.

Also, keep in mind that fish is valued in Newfoundland as more than just food and deserves the utmost care.  Every day, we work to blend a tradition of excellence with a welcoming atmosphere.




Big T’s BBQ

Calgary, Alberta

This is an amazing place to find some fresh poutine. The portion sizes are large, and the meat is perfectly tender and juicy. Visit them for their Smoked Poutine, which includes fries with homemade gravy, cheese curds, and your choice of pulled or brisket. You will have the best and most knowledgeable servers at this location who will give you the best recommendations.


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