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Top 10 Places to Hike in Canada

#1000towns choice

Amina Rizwan

The best way to see the beauty of Canada is by hiking through it. We are fortunate enough to live in such a scenic country that is filled with thousands of hiking trails, and you will never get bored! Canada is filled with glaciers, forests, and mountains, so the best way to see all of this is by hiking.

Tips: Wear comfortable running shoes or trainers since the trails can be rocky and slippery. Dress up in layers because the weather can rapidly change at any time. Be sure to bring a rain jacket, swear, hat, and mitts, especially if you’re hiking in the mountains!

#1000towns will help you find the top 10 easy-to-moderate hikes to complete in Canada.

Photo: Michal Klajban – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0



Lake Agnes Trail

Town: Banff, Alberta
Banff National Park AB


Length 7.4 km Est~ 3h

This moderately challenging trail takes 3 hours to complete and is a very popular spot for birdwatching as well! The trail has a steady incline throughout, but the great part is it’s mostly rock-free! It is usually very crowded during summer, so be prepared for that! Hikers will have the opportunity to see Lake Louise, Mirror Lake, a small waterfall, and Lake Agnes throughout their hike. This trail is kid friendly; dogs are welcome too but must be on a leash.  

Stop by the Lake Agnes Tea House for a quick snack!

Photo: Pete Klosterman – originally posted to Flickr as Lake Louise from the Lake Agnes Trail, CC BY 2.0



Grotto Canyon Trail

Town: Kananaskis, Alberta
Bow Valley Provincial Park AB


Length 7.1 Km Est ~3h

The Grotto Canyon Trail is a short hike filled with incredible views. Hikers will have the chance to see a beautiful waterfall by an Inukshuk Garden and a cave. These are the most popular attractions of the Grotto Canyon Trail. The route consists of many pictographs, which are rock paintings, so be on the lookout for that! This is another great kid-friendly and dogs-on-leash-friendly trail.

Wear proper hiking shoes! This trail has a lot of loose rocks.

Photo: Luke Hooper – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0



Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

Town: Banff, Alberta
Banff National Park AB


Length 11.7km Est ~4h

This one is a personal favourite! Although a moderately challenging trail, Johnston Canyon to Inkpots is an extremely popular and scenic trail in Banff. After 1.1 km, hikers will reach the lower falls, this is when families with young children can turn around if they’d like because the trail gets a little challenging from there! There are multiple well-maintained iron catwalks and lookout points along the route to the inkpots.

It is strongly encouraged to stay on the designated pathways to avoid danger!

Photo: Thank you for visiting my page from Canada – The Ink pots Johnston Canyon Alberta Canada, CC BY 2.0



Troll Falls

Town: Kananaskis, Alberta
Evan-Thomas Provincial Recreation Area, AB


Length 3.4km. Est ~1h

This is a very family-friendly, easy hike for almost anyone! There are two trails: the main one takes you to the bottom of the Troll Falls, and the second takes you above the waterfall to a creek. The main trail is the easier one however it is filled with dirt and gravel, so wearing proper footwear is essential for this hiking trip!

Since the trail includes a lot of cliffs, it is subject to random rock fall events; however, Alberta parks have installed a fence to allow people to enjoy their experience without being in danger.

Photo: Thank you for visiting my page from Canada – Troll falls Kananaskis country Alberta Canada, CC BY 2.0



Garibaldi Lake Trail

Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC


Length 18.2km Est~6.5h

This is the most scenic destination in British Columbia. The Garibaldi Lake trail is a very safe and well-maintained trail, though the hike, in general, is moderately challenging. Hikers will get to witness the beauty of Garibaldi Lake and admire the breathtaking landscape and its emerald-turquoise waters.

Pack a lot of bug spray for this one!

Photo: User:Seattle Skier – Own photo, taken with Canon PowerShot S40, CC BY 2.5



Moraine Lake Shoreline Trail

Town: Lake Louise, Alberta
Banff National Park AB


Length 5.1km Est ~2h

This is another easy and family-friendly hike allowing hikers to see beautiful bright blue waters and snowy mountains. The route is generally calmer and quieter as hikers opt for more challenging routes making it the perfect spot to have some one-on-one time with nature. This route is partially boardwalk and partially packed dirt, so it is not considered wheelchair or stroller friendly.

Bears are common in this area, so hike in groups of 5 or more!

Photo: Sunnya343 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0



Norvan Falls

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, BC


Length13.8 km Est~4h

This is a beautiful waterfall hike that runs through Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, located in North Vancouver. The trail is a relatively flat trail, but due to the length of the route, it is moderately challenging; otherwise, it is easy. The trail is extremely scenic, allowing hikers to see a beautiful waterfall.

Since this is a long hike, take a lot of snacks and water with you!

Photo: Google Maps, Jennie Yuen



Wapta Falls

Town: Golden, British Columbia
Yoho National Park BC


Length 4.8 km Est ~1h 20 mins

This is another relatively flat trail that is considered very kid friendly. It is well-maintained, making it a great nature walk. Be prepared to experience a rocky and bumpy journey, and see fallen longs, muddy patches, tree roots, and soaked boots. Hikers will get to see a massive waterfall, rainbows, and turquoise waters.

Take an extra pair of shoes!

Photo: Keith Young – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0



Waterdown Trail to Smokey Hollow

Burlington, Ontario


Length 11.9km Est ~3.5 hours

This trail is filled with inclines, declines, twists, and turns! Waterdown Trail to Smokey Hollow is a peaceful and beautiful trail however, it is generally very crowded on weekends and evenings. It is usually the busiest in the fall because the trail is very scenic around this time due to the fall colours. The fall passes an Inukshuk alley allowing hikers to see beautiful rocks.

Photo: Óðinn – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5 ca



Sixteen Mile Creek Trail Loop

Lions Valley Park, Oakville ON


Length 6.1 km Est ~1h 30 min

To much surprise, this trail is located right in the middle of a city. It is hidden at the end of many residential neighbourhoods, but it is the most magical part of the city. The trail is an easy one and consists of mostly paved pathways. The trail is right in the middle of a peaceful forest surrounded by tall trees. You’ll also spot many painted rocks along the trail.

You might be able to see deer along the way!

Photo: Google Street View, G Hine

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