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Top 7 Camping Hacks

A beautiful shot of an orange tent on rocky mountain surrounded by trees during sunset

This summer is a bit special for all Canadians. Not just because of the weather but also for the fact that lockdown measures are being slowly being lifted and we are allowed to socialize outdoors.

Some camp sites where health and safety risks can be managed are already opened for the general people. Make sure to visit this link to find where you can camp. Moreover, we have published a blog featuring “Top 10 Campsites Near Canadian Towns” which can help you find the perfect camping location in Canada this summer. Apart from picking the locations, we have also created a list of top 7 camping hacks to help you make your camping experience a memorable one.

1. Packing the Essentials

Even though most of us already know this but we can easily forget to pack the essentials when going for a camping trip. Here’s a small checklist you can refer to when going for camping:



Canned food such as beans, soups, granola bars, beef jerky, chips, coffee, fizzy drinks, water.


Raincoats, caps or hats, hiking boots, swimwear.


Flashlights & lanterns, a lot of batteries, toolkits, chargers for phones, speakers and all other electronic devices you are carrying.

Cooking & Eating

Firewoods, fire starters, matches and lighters, propane stove, charcoals, BBQ machine, cooking pots, cups, bowls, plates, utensils, paper towel, garbage bags. 

Personal Hygiene

Hand sanitizers, soaps, toothbrushes, toothpastes, toilet papers, deodorants. 


Sleeping bags, tents, folding chairs, pillows.


First-aid kits, bug sprays, sunscreens, allergy medications, blister creams, map of the camping site, binoculars. 

These are just some of the basics but these camping hacks can save you a lot of hassle. If you want something more comprehensive, don’t forget to check out this Greatlist.

2. Read Campground Regulations & Check Amenities

No matter whichever campground you pick, it will be subject to rules and regulations, and you shall adhere to them. Some campsites can be prone to wildfires, and you should check the selected campground’s regulations to see if you are allowed to start a fire at the time you will visiting the site. Also make sure you have checked out the amenities available at your campsite. Picking a campsite with accessible bathrooms and water sources can be very handy for amateur campers.

3. Pack the Camping Gear into Clear Bins

Storing your camping gear in clear bins would allow you to easily spot them whenever they are needed. I always compartmentalize the bins in terms of eating and cooking gear, sleeping & hygiene gear, accessories gear, safety gear. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time.

4. Don’t Overpack

Especially if you are an amateur camper, you will feel the need to pack everything and anything for your first few camping trips. This is a big mistake. Most camping trips last for 2 to a maximum of 3 nights and you don’t need to carry a big suitcase for it. Follow the checklist we have shared, and you should be fine.

5. Arrive at Daylight

Make sure to arrive at your camping spot during daylight so that you have access to natural light. This will make setting up your camp easier. Make sure the sleeping and tent area is away from the designated cooking area. If you are putting up a tent, use a flat area with a matted down grass or dirt.

6. Store Scented Items in a Food Storage Locker

It is advised to store up to all your scented items such as food, deodorant, bug spray, toothpaste, sanitizers, etc. in a food storage locker so that it doesn’t attract bears. If you are camping in the mountains, chances will be high that you will be in a bear country. Following this simple hack can help you avoid an unwanted encounter with the beast.

7. Prep the Meals Ahead of Time

There are some stuffs which you can do ahead of time. This includes, measuring out spice blends, chopping veggies and marinating meat and storing each of these items in different ziploc bags and labeling them. This will save you the hassle of prepping for the meal at campsite.

I find these 7 camping hacks to be very important especially for the campers who are at the earlier stages of their camping experience. If you guys want something more detailed, I suggest you read “58 Insanely Useful Camping Tips for Beginners

Happy Camping Everyone!

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Blog written by Mahmud Rajit
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