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There is a Small Town in Each and Everyone of Us

Even if we have never lived in a small town, or travelled through one, we have been touched by the memories, experience and humour of a friend or a relative who has grown up in such a community. Many of our own ancestors came to our country from small towns across the globe.

Share your thoughts and impressions and memories under the hashtag #TheSmallTownInMe

  • Post old family photos or create new digital images that tell the world about your small town.
  • Show us your old Town Hall or your new arena. Share pictures of labour day picnics from your childhood or the latest trophy shot of your triumphant lacrosse team.
  • Upload an MP3 of your town band or images of the work of local artists.
  • Send some newspaper clipping of a 4H trip abroad or write a short story about returning home to your small town after a long absence. Was it bitter or sweet? Or a bit of both?

Be part of the The Small Town in Me

1000 Towns of Canada Team

David Suzuki, Scientist, TV Host - about Leamington ON

We lost something, a strong sense of community and connection to place.”
The essay written by David Suzuki exclusively for The Small Town in Me.

Yann Martel, Life of Pi Author - about Port Hope ON

“I’ve lived in small places, big places, centric places, eccentric places. I see the blessing and the curse in all of them.”

W. Brett Wilson, Dragons’ Den Panelist - about North Battleford SK

“Wonderful place to raise the family in 1950’s – fond memories about Battleford’s and all things prairie.”

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