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Top 5 Towns in Alberta Worth Visiting

picture of okotoks town

Alberta has its fair share of big cities such as Calgary and Edmonton. It also has some medium size cities such as Red Deer, Lethbridge and Fort McMurray, but 1000towns of Canada has a soft spot for small towns.

Here’s out list of some of the best small towns in the province of Alberta!




Leduc’s beginnings started with Robert Taylor Telford settling on the land in 1889. Considered a major stopping point between Edmonton and Calgary, Leduc’s prosperity grew when in 1947 oil was discovered in the town. Today Leduc hosts a community of around 30,000 people and has attractions like Telford Lake and Rabbit Hill Snow Resort.




Okotoks gets its name from the Blackfoot first national word for “rock”. The town is 15 minutes away from Calgary and is known for its sustainability and environmental development. Today Okotoks hosts a community of around 28,000 people and has attractions like the Sheep River and Okotoks Erratic – The Big Rock.




Cochrane was established in 1881 by Matthew Henry Cochrane, it became a village in 1903 and finally was incorporated as a town in 1971. Cochrane is 18 km west of Calgary and is known to be one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. Today Cochrane  hosts a community of around 34,000 people and has attractions like Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.



Fort Saskatchewan

 Before colonization Fort Saskatchewan was home to different indigenous peoples such as the Cree (Nehinaw) and Nakota nations. In 1875 under the command of Willam D Jarvis of the North West Mounted Police Surgeon Creek post was established, which would be later renamed to “Fort (on the) Saskatchewan).  Fort Saskatchewan is 25 km from Edmonton and is known for the flock of 50 sheep that roam the fort heritage precinct in the summer months.  Fort Saskatchewan  hosts a community of around 27,000 people and has attractions like the Fort Saskatchewan Farmers Market and the Fort Saskatchewan Museum.




The area originally named Chestermere lake was initially settled only by a few farmers. This was until the introduction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s which brought in a lot more people from the west. The town is 18 km away from Calgary and is of course known for its namesake body of water, Chestermere lake. Chestermere hosts a community of around 20,000 people and has attractions like Anniversary park and the Hyperactive Marina.


Image Attribution: Xz1303, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
Blog post written by Shariq Babar
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