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Travel Essentials During Pandemic

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We’ve all been cooped up for so long that a vacation is just what we all need right about now. It’s no secret that for many this comes with a lot of anxiety and stress about what they will need to continue following the safety protocols. Here is a list of all our must-haves when travelling with the intention of staying safe so you can ultimately have a good time stress-free!


1. Travel size disinfectant wipes and sprays

This is a no-brainer! For most travellers during the pandemic, ensuring everything is germ-free is probably the main concern when travelling. We are in a time where wiping everything down is essential and that need is magnified when you’re travelling even if it’s just a road trip. If you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, wipe down everything before you settle in so that you can feel relaxed and at home for the rest of your trip. Having a travel-size disinfectant wipe and spray allows you to periodically clean up everything around you so that you constantly feel clean and it’s hassle-free because it can fit in your purse or pockets so it’s not taking up any extra space.


2. Check Your Hotel or Airbnb’s COVID-19 Sanitizing Protocols 

This isn’t something you need to pack but it’s equally important if not more important than anything else. To minimize your worries and your risk of infection, look into hotels and Airbnbs with high sanitation standards and that require masks in public spaces, perform screenings, have hand sanitizers available in stations, and prioritize social distancing. This reduces the fear of the unknown and you know what to expect when you arrive at your destination. The goal is to make your trip as stress-free as possible and having everything in order before you start your trip is a must!


3. Portable Hand Sanitizer 

Keeping your hands clean while on a road trip or plane can be worrisome but it shouldn’t be if you have mini hand sanitizers in every pocket and purse. Considering the fact that washing your hands with soap and water isn’t always possible, especially on a road trip, you should always carry around hand sanitizer. Nothing beats soap and water but this is another way to ensure you are always germ-free and can enjoy yourself without the anxiety of getting sick.


4. Pack of Disposable Masks 

If there’s one thing that’s become a trend during the pandemic it’s fashionable masks and they are usually in the form of cloth masks but when you are on a trip washing your mask every day should be the last thing on your mind. For that reason, you would be better off bringing along a pack of disposable masks that way once you’re done with each day you can throw out your mask and throw on a fresh new one in the morning without worrying about laundry. Having disposable masks on hand also better equips you in situations where your mask falls on the floor or rips apart. In case of emergency, you can always rely on your pack of disposable masks which makes your trip run that much smoother and that is the ultimate goal when travelling during this unprecedented time. 


These are some ways to make your trip stress-free, what else is on your list? Comment below! 


Written By: Hodan Mohamed

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