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Abitibi Canyon Base Camp


Opened by Mike from his love of snowmobiling in the Cochrane region, the Abitibi Canyon Base Camps is one of the best snowmobile camps that is fun and reliable for all riders. Moosonee has a lot of excellent snow trails; however, it’s always recommended by the town to take a snowmobile tour guide. That is where Mike Abitibi Canyon Base Camp comes in.

The Abitibi Canyon Base Camp provides a cool and exciting sledding experience in Moosonee through their  “Tour to the Edge of the Arctic.” The Tour to the Edge of the Arctic is a three to four-day sledding trip that provides lodge accommodations, meals and a guide working with you every step of the journey to let you explore everything Moosonee has to offer and beyond. One day of their Edge of the Arctic tour takes you to Onakawaan, where polar bears typically roam. So reach out to Abitibi Canyon Base Camp if you want to experience a one-in-a-lifetime snowmobile tour.


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