Brampton ON: Capturing the Moment


  • Location: Peel Art gallery, Museum and Archives | 9 Wellington St E, Brampton ON
  • Day/Time: Thursday, November 29, 10 am

Photojournalism is an art! Peer through the lenses of Peel photojournalists from the 1940s to the 1990s. Discover images from the PAMA Archives collection documenting daily life and hard news in Peel and around the world.

Featured are images from The Brampton Guardian, Caledon Enterprise, Brampton Conservator and Brampton Times, Peel Gazette, Streetsville Review through the Al Betts fonds, and Toronto Telegram through the Russell Cooper fonds.

Image: Peel photographer Russell Cooper with his car phone, 1949. Russell K. Cooper fonds

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