“We lost something, a strong sense of community and connection to place” Essay of David Suzuki for The Small Town in Me project    I believe elders play a very important role of reminding people what the world was like when they were young.  As the eminent fisheries biologist, Daniel Pauly, warns us, by failing to listen to elders, we are subject to constantly “shifting baselines”, that the present state comes to be assumed as normal.  He was speaking of fish and other wild creatures, but it applies…Continue Reading “David Suzuki, Scientist, TV Host”

There is a small town in each and everyone of us. Even if we have never lived in a small town, or traveled through one, we have been touched by the memories, experience and humour of a friend or a relative who has grown up in such a community. Many of our own ancestors came to our country from small towns across the globe. Our beautiful country of Canada has around 1000 small towns. Some humble, some proud. Some rich in preserved history and others…Continue Reading “Share Your Thoughts | Impressions | Memories”